Barefoot Bowls

Introducing Barefoot Bowls

The Basics for Barefoot bowls.

The larger coloured ball is a bowl. The small white ball is the jack. The aim of the game is to get your bowl as close to the jack as possible.  The team which has the bowl the closest wins the end and gets 1 point/closest bowl.

Bowls are weighted so that they don’t roll in a straight line, but in a curve. Each bowl has a small and large icon on each side. Always keep the small icon on the inside of your delivery.

You will play on a green (of very short grass) which is divided into 7 rinks (lanes).  You bowl from alternate ends, usually standing on a mat.

Skill Level

Nil to Experienced
Anyone can play!

Time needed

Vary depending on your group size – allow at least an hour, but you can finish sooner if you like!

How many people?

You can bowl with at little as two players, but it’s definitely more fun with extras!

Barefoot bowls
pricing & schedule


$10 per person for a 2 hour session  (includes the supply of bowls, barefoot bowls coaching and assistance with team organisation) We work on a maximum of 8 players on a lane at any one time.  You can package your bowls with a BBQ and bowls is included in the price of the BBQ


7 lanes available per session.   Maximum of 8 players per lane


Wednesday to Sunday (also available Mondays and Tuesdays through December and on Public Holidays which fall on a Monday or Tuesday).


Strictly 11:00am-1, 1-3pm or 3-5pm Unfortunately the Merthyr Bowls Club does not offer night bowling

 WEDNESDAY  N/A  1pm- 3pm 3pm-5pm
 THURSDAY                       11-1  1pm- 3pm 3pm-5pm
 FRIDAY 11-1  1pm- 3pm 3pm-5pm
 SATURDAY  N/A  1pm- 3pm 3pm-5pm
 SUNDAY 11-1  1pm- 3pm 3pm-5pm

Times are subject to change


To book 8 or more people requires a deposit of $80 – Learn More
To book 10 or more people requires a deposit of $100 – Learn More

Please let us know if food will be included.

For casual players, you may call close to the time you wish to attend and we will let you know of any available lane space. Sorry! This is not a guarantee that you will be able to play.


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