Merthyr Bowls Club
Merthyr Bowls Club
Weather is a little cooler now and nothing better than a tasty Pie and wee glass of red to enjoy by the river. Come in and enjoy our April Special at your favourite Bowlo.
Merthyr Bowls Club
Merthyr Bowls Club
It is the best outdoor venue in Queensland. Well organized social and competitive play every Saturday. That’s why the Games Director makes the big $$$ !
Merthyr Bowls Club
Merthyr Bowls Club
Full green today with the Merthyr Bowlers. Great turnout. Bit of competition, social games and lots of fun. Thanks Bronwyn for organising the games and cards. To top it off, weather is perfect
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Merthyr Bowls Club
Merthyr Bowls Club is at Merthyr Bowls Club.
Merthyr Bowls Club
Due to the Government directions this morning, Merthyr Bowls Club will be closed from 5pm today, Monday 29th March.
This will also have a flow on effect over the Easter Weekend as all delivery services will cease as of today and will not return to normal until next week.
Therefore, we will not re-open for business until Tuesday, 6th April at 10am, subject to any further direction given to us by our Chief Health Officer of QLD.
Stay safe and stay home.
Happy Easter!


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