Merthyr Bowls Committee Members,

MEDIA: Merthyr had record media exposure. Our proactive media outreach resulted in large wins for our club!

I have attached the update on how we are performing against the targets we set 4 months ago. Before the committee meeting, please click on these links to see the excitement Merthyr Bowls has created throughout the industry.

  1. my Village News. ‘BOWLED OVER” (5/12/20)
  2. MakMAx 20/11/20) Video Taped a testimonial with our newest sponsor. It beautifully displays our property!
  3. Team Merthyr BPL CUP Video for our website and Face Book (4/12/20)
  4. Bowls AUS displayed article on Our Success (7/12/20)   Bowls AUS Showcases Team Merthyr BPL CUP Video & New Website to national audience ! Our exposure with this most recent article with nationwide readership is extremely fortunate.

PROJECT PLAN: Everything progressing well, except increased committee focus needed with On-Boarding process. Recruiting new members and bowlers for 2021 is an important target for the club and can only be accomplished as a team.  We need to collaborate on an improved process.  


Respecting each other in this shared common area:  I want to thank everyone for following Phil’s request weeks ago in removing all personal items including bowls that do not fit in their assigned locker. We’re close, but need to have 100% compliance by all committee members. Thanks.


Also a quick call out to Sam Tims for agreeing to stay behind to run the barefoot bowls this past Sunday so Ian could play at Club Pine Rivers. Thanks Sam.



Good bowling,